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I can’t sleep and I’ve laid in bed so long I am wide awake, I realize it’s been awhile since I have updated my blog and honestly so much has happened I don’t even know where to begin! A few weeks ago we met with the principal of the school that sits across the street and a few blocks up from us I am excited about the partnership that’s going to be happening there, and am planning to spend a few hours a week in the school. I am excited about this because it’s going to give me the opportunity to get to spend more time with the kids, and to get to know the school better. I am also excited about what God has in store for us as partners. The principal there was extremely open about a partnership that’s not just one way. For those of you who’ve been following me for a while know that having a partnership with the local school is part of my heartbeat and at my last ministry I worked extremely hard to build a great partnership with the school, I am excited about what it’s going to look like here.

There are so many exciting things happening around here, we’ve been preparing for the past few weeks to host a very special event in a couple of weeks. On Sunday October 30th the City Kids will be taking over the service at our East Baltimore Campus, they’ve been working hard along with our volunteers to learn the songs, the sermon notes, and everything else for that night. Tonight was the last night we got to practice before they take the stage in a few weeks and I can honestly say I am so excited. They did a GREAT job! If you’re in the area and have time you should join us at 400 N. Luzerne Ave. at 5 p.m.!

There’s also been a lot of impromptu fun around here, lunch dates and Dollar Tree shopping spree’s, late night porch picnic pizza parties, dinner making and manner learning nights, and the plans for a girls sleepover (am I nuts?!) are in the making! As the clock creeps up to 3 a.m. I sit in my room at the table that overlooks the street, its so peaceful out there tonight, I thank God right now for the opportunities He provides for me to love my neighbors, the opportunities He provides for me to share my home with the community. I love how in the past week He’s shown me so much of who He is through the kids I interact with on a daily basis.

Two extremely cool stories the first one happened last week, I was driving home and one of the little girls waved so I stopped to chat with her for a few minutes (one of my favorite things is pulling onto the block and seeing all the kids stop and wave!) she proceeded to tell me she was so excited because her daddy was coming to see her, and she hadn’t seen him in a couple of weeks. As I continued to ask questions about her dad and where he lived and how often she saw him, she stopped me and said Ms. Colleen how much do you see your daddy? Tears began to form in my eyes because what this little girl didn’t know was for a few weeks I’ve been missing my “daddy” not MY DAD but the idea of a dad. I looked at her and explained that I don’t actually see my daddy, she continued to pry, where was he, why didn’t I ever get to see him, wasn’t I sad that I don’t get to see him etc. etc. I looked at her and smiled and said “T” here’s the deal, my daddy wasn’t very nice when I was growing up and so I don’t see him now. She looked at my with a long face and patted my arm, she said, “Ms. Colleen I am very sorry you don’t have a daddy.” What a great leeway into explaining to her that I indeed do have a daddy, and while I can’t see Him, touch him or hug him, that he cares for me, that He loves me more than any daddy on earth could and it’s Jesus. She looked at me and said, Ms. Colleen I am going to ask my daddy if he will adopt you… I politely told her that wasn’t necessary especially since her daddy is two years younger than me haha, can you imagine! Finally she patted my arm again and said Ms. Colleen I am glad Jesus is your daddy, and I am sorry your real daddy was mean to you. What a great opportunity for me to share Jesus with her, but also what a GREAT reminder for me that even though I may not have a physical daddy, I have a heavenly daddy who loves me so much!

Finally the other story is this, I was driving home from church, having my own little pity party (I know right, how could I come from church feeling this way) and thinking to myself that I am not good enough etc. etc. well as I pulled up in front of my house a few of the kids come running over to me, and one of the little boys says, “Ms. Colleen has anyone every told you you’re as beautiful as a princess.” I said outloud, “A princess huh…? and then replied, nope I don’t think they have.” And then I realized I AM A DAUGHTER of the King, which means I am a princess. There’s been some pretty awesome reminders coming my way in the weirdest most unique ways!

Man, there’s so much more I want to write about, however I must leave some for another entry! Which I promise it won’t take a month and a half to post and it’s getting close to 3:15 in the morning and I am beginning to feel a little sleepy!

Before I go can I ask you guys to join me in prayer, for the kids of this neighborhood, and the schools all across this city that daily are accepting our students, may they be shown the love of Christ in the most unique ways.

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