Why did Jesus Die?

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School started this week and it’s eerily quiet during the days, and very welcomed chaos happens around my house about 4 p.m., that’s when it’s snack time, when it’s basketball, bubble, and sidewalk chalk time, that’s when it’s tell Ms. Colleen all about your school day time! Monday afternoon, my front porch was swarmed with neighborhood kids in a matter of minutes, eating animal crackers, telling me all about the first day of school and reminding me that they watch everything I do as they asked about friends who’ve recently been visiting! I really truly am blessed to love and be loved by some of the most awesome kids on the planet (yes, I am biased)!

So for those of you who follow my blog and Facebook you know that my kitchen window is a hot-spot, my kitchen window sits right at street level so everyone and their mother can see right in for some people this would be an issues but for me, I love sharing my kitchen time with the whole world! Typically at dinner time there is anywhere from 1-5 window dwellers, on Monday night it was no different except for it was one sweet boy hanging out, asking about everything I was cooking, telling me about his new teachers and how he wanted to stay on the good color at school everyday this year. As I finished making my dinner he continued to sit in the window and talk to me through dinner, that’s when he said something about Heaven, and I said oh what do you know about Heaven?  His response, “I know that Jesus died so maybe someday I will be able to go to heaven.” My heart danced with J-O-Y as I explained that Yes Jesus died so not maybe but that so you CAN go to heaven someday! As we continued to talk I began to ask more questions, do you know how Jesus died, and he explained that he had seen a picture of Jesus hanging on a piece of wood, but he didn’t know how he died, and I said do you know how you get to go to Heaven? Would you believe that for the next hour I had a serious conversation about how Jesus died and how we can get to heaven, with one of the most high strung kids I know, as the conversation ended when his Grandma came over to get him, he said “Grandma do you know how Jesus died? Do you know He died for us?”

For the past two days I have not stopped replaying this conversation in my heart or my head, these are the kind of conversations that I know are completely appointed by God, the kind of conversations that I pray I will get to have with every single one of my sweet kids at some point or another. These are the kinds of things I want them to walk away from Kids club knowing without a doubt, that Jesus died for them, that they CAN go to Heaven! This is why I raise support to live in inner city Baltimore, this is why I have I have allowed God to lead me to a place where others may never step foot, this is why I allow the kids to window dwell as I cook, eat dinner and wash dishes, this is why I open my home most Thursday nights for dinner w/Ms. Colleen… these conversations make every heart ache, every moment of despair and frustration worth it.

As I go through this week I am reminded of why Jesus died, He hung on that cross for YOU, for ME for all of us, He paid a price so that one day we may dwell with him…in His kitchen window, and ask questions… I am also reminded to pray for the hearts of my neighbors that they would personally come to know Jesus, that they would ask questions and that they would find a place for Him in their lives.

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  1. I love this story. It has got me back into thinking how I have been losing my way.I Newton find my way all the way back. So please pray form me

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