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What’s on my heart, there is so much on my heart this morning, both inside and outside of my ministry life, but the one thing that sticks out is a line from a letter that I wrote to someone I care about recently. It was one of those letters that you write and tuck away, probably never to be sent or read again, but I couldn’t help but pull it out and re-read it and re-read it, because of this one line, the line reads like this, When will the words ‘I love you’ not just be words out of your mouth, but genuine from your heart and evident in your actions?”

So I have been attempting to write this blog entry since last weekend, but every time I sit down to write I get overwhelmed with thoughts, I think about those words and I wonder if my life reflects genuine love from my heart and through my actions, this is probably one of the most convicting statements, that I have ever written. As I tucked the letter away and went on about my day I could NOT stop thinking about what was supposed to be a simple statement to someone else, but my mind strayed all day, it ran through my head, how could words from my heart to paper meant for someone else be so convicting to my own heart?

I thought to myself how many times does God think or say this about us? How often does he ask, when will the words, “I love you God,” become more than just words? When will those words become true from our heart, when will those words become actions? When will it be so evident in our lives that we do love Him?

As I thought of this statement I thought about some verses in the bible, that make it so evident that Christ is sold out to us, that He loves us through EVERYTHING and so genuinely, one of my favorites is, John 16:33 (ESV), “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” How powerful is that statement? He overcame the world for us, so that we may peace, if that doesn’t scream love I don’t know what does!

I was and have been completely preoccupied with this thought running through my head, how do my words and actions show God that I genuinely am 100% completely committed to Him? I went through the motions of my day, wanting to be home rereading this letter I had scribbled out hours before, I wanted to re-read it and as I did it hit me, we are so quick to allow words, not just the words I love you, to come out of our mouths, but words of anger, words of frustration, gossip etc., we are so quick to use words instead of actions to claim “love” for others around us including Christ.

So I have been praying about how I can use these words that have convicted my heart so, and I have decided I am going to be more intentional about allowing the words that come out of my mouth to be more God pleasing, because lets be honest I would be lying if I said I never got caught up in gossip, I’ve never said something out of anger before thinking about it, or being frustrated for no reason. I’m not going to lie it’s hard, it’s hard to control your tongue sometimes, I have been doing an in-depth study of Proverbs, and the other day we were reading through Proverbs 10, verses 31-32 (I’m going to leave them out so you have to go look them up), really spoke to my heart, and really became a part of my challenge to tame my tongue, and to make sure that my love is genuine through my heart and actions.

So my challenge and prayer for us is that we really think about the words “I love you God,” are they just words or are they genuine and heartfelt, if there just words how can we make them genuine and heartfelt, what’s keeping us from loving God? Also are we quick to speak, to utter gossip, to say things out of anger? I pray that we’ll all be challenged to look deep into our hearts and really think about the words that come from our mouths.

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