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Who knew that my Kitchen Window would mean so much to me?

Most people don’t think twice about their kitchen windows, but to me my Kitchen Window is one of the most favorite places in my house. If you’re a long time follower of my blog you’ve come to know that my Kitchen Window is the hub of my home, it’s where the kiddos gather for snack time, heart to hearts, it’s where the boys come when they want to come play Wii or eat dinner, it’s where Ms. Erica (my post lady) stops on her daily route a few times a week to catch up and laugh together, it’s where my neighbors pop their heads in to say hello. It’s the place where a few months ago Pee-Wee and I talked about Jesus and why He died on the cross for us, it’s where the kids tasted Guacamole for the first time and where they question every strange food I make for dinner, last night my Kitchen Window took on a new meaning for me.

It’s always those days when they were long and I just want to come home, make dinner and snuggle with my favorite blanket and get lost in a mindless TV show, or curl up with a good book, or just go to bed that God sends someone or many someones across my path that change the whole agenda for the evening, and sometimes I grumble when I hear the kitchen window knock because I just don’t want to be bothered, other times I get so excited because I don’t know who’s one the other side of my window shade. Last night was one of those, “Please stop knocking on the window, how long can I ignore the knocks?” kind of nights. But when the knocking just keeps getting louder and louder eventually you cave and open the window and I’m so glad I did.

Last night two boys stood outside my window, “Ms. Colleen no one’s around, and we just wanna play or talk to someone it’s boring out here all alone,” then they kindly invited themselves in for dinner (I mentioned the words Spaghetti Squash and they quickly declined) and asked if we could talk. At this point I am curious as to what they want to chat about, mind you it’s 30-something degrees outside and said Spaghetti Squash is now overcooking in the oven, but they just wanted to sit on the porch and chat and in a matter of minutes it didn’t matter that I was freezing cold or my overcooked dinner was now getting cold, what mattered was that these boys came to my window because there was nothing else to do…

In this moment I realized that my Kitchen Window is a lot like my whole house for these kids, it’s a safe place to come when you need to talk, when there’s nothing else to do or if you just want to hang out.  But even more I was reminded once again how much these kids are just as much invested into my life as I am their precious little lives.  They notice when I lose weight and ask how many of them I’ve lost, they notice that there’s a new boy hanging around (and needed EVERY detail), they wanted to know what living in Kansas was like and would I send them postcards when I went home to visit, they wanted to know every detail about my family and wanted to see pictures, we talked about sports I love KU Basketball they love Football and finally they asked for the one millionth time which I don’t mind why I chose to move here.

In return they bared their 10 and 11 year old hearts, sharing details of their families some I’ve never heard before, sharing about the little girls they have crushes on in the neighborhood, shared their favorite Kids Club Nights, begged to picked for the next Thursday night dinner and finally told me they were cold and nearly a freezing hour later off they went, but not before reaching in the window to give me the biggest hugs EVER and thanked me for the chat.

As I watched them run down the street to their homes, I couldn’t help but smile and in that moment, I thanked God for my little Kitchen Window, that to the average person probably is just another Kitchen Window on just another street, but in my heart and in my life it’s one of the Key to Ministry, it’s one of the avenues that I get to love my neighbors, it’s like a good coffee shop where you pull up a chair and listen to stories for hours. As I closed the window and pulled down the shade for the night, tears welled up in my eyes (happy tears) because I realized that almost every kid I have connected with knows that my Kitchen Window is like their front porch, some place they can come whenever they want!

Today I am thankful for a Kitchen Window, the opportunity to Love these kids like Jesus loves me with no boundaries…and for the opportunity to share life with them, every little detail…

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  1. This is amazing! It’s so awesome you are there for those kids to talk to and relate to. Also-spaghetti squash…yummmmmmm. 🙂

  2. As much as i miss you, you are exactly where you belong. I am so glad you found this new ministry. I love you.

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