The Best Gifts are not Gifts

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As I reflect back on this Christmas season, I am realizing this year, God gave me the BEST gifts and they didn’t come wrapped in packages with pretty bows, no they came in the form of little humans. I’ve had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my favorite little humans this Christmas season and they’ve given me some of the best gifts, the gifts of time, the gift of trust and the gift of sharing. I spent time this Christmas season making and decorating Christmas cookies with some of the coolest boys I know, but that time was also spent getting to know them on a deeper level, them sharing the things they worry about, how they plan to live their lives, and what they think about life, I got to spend time with some of the girls talking about what Christmas means to them and when the idea of Christmas changed for me to be more about Jesus and less about all of the commercialism surrounding Christmas. I got to hang out with the kids and share some of my favorite Christmas traditions drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas cartoons, visiting the train garden, reading the Christmas story and a few other things.

However this year the BEST Christmas gift came on Christmas Eve, there was a knock at my door and it was one of my favorite little boys and he started asking me about Christmas, what I was doing etc. and I said Pee-wee, is Santa Claus visiting your home this year? His response blew me away, “Ms. Colleen don’ t you know Christmas is not about Santa Claus?” So I said oh, what is Christmas about then, “Ms. Colleen, you don’t know why we celebrate Christmas, don’t you work at the church?” To this I laughed and I said, “Yes, Pee-wee I do know why we celebrate Christmas, but I want to know why YOU celebrate Christmas.” By this point I was giggling on the inside and he said, “Ms. Colleen, we celebrate Christmas because it’s the birthday of Jesus, don’t you listen at Kids Club.” This filled my heart with so much joy, it was another one of those moments where I felt like God was reminding me of why I am here, reminding me that my kiddos even when it seems like they might not be listening to anything you are saying they really are, and most of the time they remember it.

I was reminded this Christmas season through my kiddos that I have been given the greatest gift, and not just at Christmas time, but all year round, I get to live out my dream, I get to love people, I get to serve God and be Jesus to people who might not know Him. I was reminded that the best gifts are NOT gifts but quality time with people who you life, I was reminded that these kids who love me, and I love back are some of the greatest gifts God has ever given me! I’ve been reminded that I’ve been blessed with some of the biggest cheerleaders through my kiddos and that they are watching every part of my life, constructively criticizing where and when I need it and encouraging when earned. I am thankful that I have been blessed with the best gifts that are not only allowing me to invest in their lives but are also investing in mine!

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