Colleen is passionate about challenging people to find freedom, grace, redemption and victory in the stories God is writing with their lives. Her desire to live life with purpose and intentional has granted her the opportunity to allow God to use her in mighty ways and to continue writing her own God story. Through the pain and suffering over her own story and the victory she’s found she’s able to encourage others to dig deep into who they are in Christ, and find the victory in their own story.

Colleen not only loves speaking truth into the lives of teens and women, she loves to encourage people to live their lives with intention, not just right outside their front door, but in the way they live life in general. She challenges us to love people the way that Christ loves us in the middle of our own muck.

Passionate about story telling and helping others develop their stories, she speaks love and truth into the lives of those she speaks too through scripture, her life experiences and the way that God has used her.

2019 Schedule

May 3-4th– Restoration Experience, Jarrettsville Maryland


“Every time I hear Colleen’s story, she inspires me to love deeper, invest greater and give more sacrificially. I see a life completely sold out to the Lord and his plan at the risk of her American dream, a life of comfort, and the expectations of this culture. I’m encouraged in knowing that I’m not alone in this desire and it challenges me in moving ever towards the life to which God has called me.”Jess P

After hearing Ms Colleen’s story I first realized we serve an Awesome God, who takes our lives and our past and our hurts and our pains and molds them into a new story, a story that He writes in our hearts and shows us a road that He wants us to follow, and with Ms. Colleen, she travels that road every day. When I met Colleen, I was so inspired that she lives in this city of pain and hurt and yet she is like the bright spot, she is the flower amongst the thorns, and she loves her city and all its children, young and old. When you see how she encourages and loves on those children, even when she, herself has her own battles, you want to not only help, but you want to make a difference as well. You want to go home and tell her story and tell others, “Hey we got folks out there that need us, but more importantly, they need Jesus, and guess what they are only 7 hours away. Let’s make a difference, at least let’s try.”

She (Colleen) inspires me to always look and see where God is and then join him in that mission.

She (Colleen) inspires me to look into the eyes of hurting folks and just love them, love them with the love of God.

Ms. Colleen has a servants heart, a lions determination and a lambs gentle spirit. She is truly a woman of God, who is blessed and highly favored.Cyndi L