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Prayer is one of the most important parts of my life and walk with Christ, and something I want to teach my kiddos on Wednesday evenings is that we can call out to God at any time He is ALWAYS listening. I also want them to know that their prayer requests are not in vain, and that we take them away and pray over them. A couple of weeks ago I sat in the prayer circle with the boys, right now we have only a few male volunteers and so the 2nd-5th (6th) grade boys all meet together, this particular night as we went around the circle each of these prayers (with the exception of one silly one) were from the heart, they were real, they were raw and they made me want to go right home, find a quiet space and begin to fervently pray for these boys and their requests, but even more than that at one point I had to walk away from the circle, because two of the boys were talking very open about their lives and the things their families have experienced. It broke my heart, and literally brought tears to my eyes.

This prayer circle was another sign that these boys are getting it, they are understanding the importance of talking to God, they are understanding the importance of sharing their hearts in that circle, they are sitting in the prayer circle with bibles in their hands because their small group leaders are patient enough to allow them to struggle through reading from the bible every week. I am so proud of these boys, and want you to pray with me for them, so I am going to share with you their very raw, very real prayer requests in hopes that you’ll be as touched by them as I was, and that you’ll want to run into a quiet space and pray for these boys, for their hearts, for their futures, and for their small group leaders that they will continue to love these boys, continue to be patient as they read through the bible together, continue to pray for them and live life with them.Thank you in advance for praying with us!

M: I am praying for my family, my brothers house was broken into and set on fire after he was shot in the head and killed, the fire then killed his sister in law. He wanted pray for peace and protection.

Da: To be more aware of his actions at school and at Kids Club, he recognized that his behaviors were getting him into trouble and he was worried about not being able to continue onto 5th grade next year because he is always getting into trouble.

De: His grandmother has been in the hospital for almost a month, she had a stroke, she wanted to pray for her to heal, he also wants to pray for his mom who has been caring for his grandmother.

M: For protection, a shooting a couple of weeks ago has him scared, he watched his cousin get pulled from a car and shot to death in front of him a year and a half ago and he worries the same thing will happen to him

R: For his brothers to stop doing and dealing drugs; he is worried that they will get killed

These prayer requests are so real and honest…thanks for bearing the burdens and standing in the gap with me!

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