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So I decided to link up with one of my favorite bloggers Alissa today over at Rags to Stiches for her weekly Coffee Date post, which allows other bloggers and people to be invited into your world for some coffee and an intimate chat! So if I invited you to my home for coffee today, we’d be sitting at my Kitchen Table with the shade up on my Kitchen Window and we would more than likely have many little visitors popping over to ask who you are and what we are doing. During our Coffee chat, I would probably hand snacks out the window, settle an argument and explain 500 times who my visitor is and love every second of it!

If we were having coffee today, I would share with you about the 100 day Challenge I ended 2012 with, I would tell you that some of the changes I challenged myself to make in my life, stretched me, some of them have motivated me in ways I never thought possible, and all of them have made me a healthier me, and all of them have made me want to continue to challenge myself to become a better version of me! My challenge consisted of a few different things, from weight loss, which I succeeded by losing 32lbs in the last 100 days of 2012, going to the gym, which has become less of a chore and more of something I crave and desire more than anything, most weeks I make it there three times a week, and beginning next week I’ll be adding a fourth day to that! I would also tell you that I challenged myself to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ, that my prayer and quiet times wouldn’t be done out of obligation, but more out of a desire to grow deeper and spend more intimate time with Christ, my mornings begin with prayer and devotional times, and my nights end with prayer and journal time, this time has become something I relish in, time with just Jesus and I, no one else…sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes there’s music playing, but all the time it’s a priority and it’s special.

The final three things that I challenged myself to do were personal things that I knew were going to help in my own self-care, you see sometimes I get so excited about loving and helping other care for themselves, and helping to make them better versions of themselves that I get so lost in that I don’t do a very good job of taking care of me, so I challenged myself to make one hour of each day all about me, whether it’s a walk in the park, reading my favorite book or just sitting and doing nothing, I wish I could tell you that it happened every day, but it didn’t…however out of the 100 days it happened 88 days so I’ll consider that a success, and again this is becoming a habit and something that just naturally fits into my routine now, for some people it takes 30 days for something to become a habit, apparently for me it takes 100, but I am okay with that, everyone is successful at their own pace! The other two things I challenged myself to do was to allow God to get rid of the “junk” in my life and replace them with treasures, something I realized is that I had a lot of junk in my life, that was taking up the room that the treasures needed to shine in my life. I am thankful to have less junk and an over abundance of treasures in my life. Finally I would tell you about my challenge to save $1 a day and to bless someone else, and that well worked out in a funny way, I blessed someone and they turned around and blessed me back…so well I saved $100 essentially, that went right back into a new savings account. While this challenge presented some challenges, I felt successful at the end! I feel happier, I feel healthier, and I felt equipped to begin 2013 in a good place!

I also think that if you were visiting for coffee today I would tell you that my word for 2013 is intentional, that I want to be more intentional with everything in my life, I want to be intentional when I invest in people, I want to be intentional when I make decisions, I want to be intentional in my ministry, in my relationship with Christ and just overall. I love the word intentional, I love the challenge I feel when I think about if the things I am doing are intentional, I love the feeling of knowing that there are a few relationships I want to be intentional about growing this year, and even more I love the feeling of being intentional about taking care of me, mentally, physically and spiritually!

I would pray that by the end of our coffee date you would want to come back next week so I can tell you all about what happens here at this little house on Luzerne Ave. in the ‘hood I call home!

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  1. What a great way to challenge yourself! I found myself doing similar things last year, and I’ve been seeking Christ with way more intention then ever before. Intention is a great word!! I’m not always successful, but I am finding success in little things. Like steadily loosing weight through weight watchers (30 pounds so far) and listening to the bible on my lunch break most days at work. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love this! What an inspiration. I am starting to implement some things in my day that will make me a better me. Like you . . . it doesn’t always happen every day or like I would want it to sometimes, but I am trying. 🙂

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