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If you’ve been around for a while you know a few things about me, one I am extremely passionate about loving Jesus, two I am extremely passionate about loving those that others find it difficult to love and three if you offend someone I love youu2019ve offended me. Let me sthat needs to be told and heard!hare a secret with you my friends, the people that I chose to love because others find it hard, they are just like you and I, they have lives, they have stories, they have victories and they have troubles, they have lessons to teach us and most importantly just as you and I they have been designed with a purpose by God.nnI find myself sitting down this afternoon, listening to kids run and play outside my door, listening to laughter and u201cMs. Colleenu2019su201d through my open window with a broken heart, because I had an encounter with someone who claims to be a Christian, who claims to love people, but they offended me, they offended my friends, my kiddos, they tried to make me believe that what I was doing with my time and energy with my life was done in vain and that nothing could or would change the people I love.nnWell friends, I will tell you that I get to experience life change on a daily basis, and it may not be big mountainous victories, my friends may not all have accepted Christ at this point in our relationships, but they know everyday through our interactions that Jesus and sharing the Gospel is the most important part of my life. They know everyday that I want to walk alongside them as they dig deep into what it means to love Jesus, they know everyday that I want to walk alongside them in the trenches, up the mountainsides, through the valleys and when we get to the top together we are going to celebrate.nnI write this blog today not because I am mad, but because sometimes I donu2019t think people understand, and when you say things to me like, u201cHow can you hang out with those dirty people? How can you care for girls who donu2019t care for themselves? How can you stand those disrespectful kids?u201d Well guess what those dirty people and those u201cdisrespectful kids,u201d they are full of love, and sometimes they just need someone to love them to get it out and even bigger when I was struggling to find my own way in Christ, when I was confused about who I was and where I was going in life, someone cared for me.nnI shared with my new u201cfriendu201d this piece of paper that was submitted for an event we are attending this weekend from one of my kids, one of my kids who a few months ago was stealing bicycles from the street corner, who a few months ago the police were dropping him off at my house when no one was at his house to receive him, who a few months ago would remind me sometimes daily how much he u201chated meu201d, how much he hated coming to church, and now he spends his afternoons hanging out at my house, playing doing homework, and cooking with me, this is what he said about why he comes to Kids Club, u201cThe reason why I go to Kids Club because it gives me something to do, because if I did not come I would be on the streets and a high possibility that I could get shot and be really hurt. The other reason I come to Kids Club is to always let God into my heart,u201d u2013D.u00a0 That my friends is life change, sitting at my kitchen table a few nights ago, hashing through what it means to know who Christ is with this same kid, that is life change, that is proof that the work that happens in this hard community is not done in vain, but it is done in love and produces fruit and is beginning to produce kids who are going to love Jesus, and who are going to change their lives and their communities. I am proud of my kids, I am proud of the life change happening in them, I am proud of who they are becoming and who they are desiring to become in Christ.nnI also shared this scripture with my friend, Proverbs 22:2 u00a0u201cThe rich and the poor meet together; the Lord is the maker of them all.u201d Dear friends God made all of us, he calls us to love each other just as He loves us, and I will not allow someone to offend my friends, the people I love. As I prepared to walk away from this conversation with my friend, I told her that she needed to spend a few days under the bridge with me, in the park with me, on the streets with me, she needed to eat a few dinners in my home with me, she needed to attend a few Kids Club and her response to me was I just canu2019t see myself getting hanging out with those kinds of people.nnI hope that in future conversations with people about my life and calling and passion, people will be more compassionate, people will understand that those I love are people too, that some of them while they have chosen the life they lead, others are working hard to make better for themselves. I hope that in the future people will be open to hear about the tough people, about the dirty people about the people that they donu2019t think they could ever love. I pray for my heart as I continue to love u201cthose peopleu201d that I continue to be open to what I should be learning, to what the needs of my friends are and most importantly that I will never stop loving them with the love of Jesus and the Gospel.nnAs we prepare to host possibly anywhere from 80-100 kids tonight in our building who will hear the Gospel in a unique way, who will experience love in ways they may never have before and who maybe exposed to Kids Club and church for the very first time tonight, I pray that they will be open to the love, open to the Gospel and open to the life change they can have. I pray for the people who will be here this evening who may have never served in this type of environment before that they will be open to what they are going to learn from God, from these kids, from my friends whom they will fellowship with tonight. Most importantly I pray for my new friend that God would change her heart and others who have this same struggle, I know that God has not given everyone the same passion that Heu2019s given me to love the hard people, but I pray that God would work in the hearts of others who find the dirty people hard rowdy street kids hard to love, that they would see that God has designed all of us, that He loves each of us the same, that he calls us to love other as He loves us.

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