Feeling Like Stretch Armstrong

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You know that gooey toy we played with as kids, you could pull his body parts and see just how far he could be stretched? That’s how I feel this week, a lot like Stretch Armstrong, that God is pulling me in 5,000 different directions to see how far I can be stretched outside of my comfort levels, in my faith and in trusting Him.

Honestly it has done nothing short of make me run into His loving arms. Yesterday I spent so much time reading, praying and meditating in scripture it was so refreshing and renewing, it was just reaffirmed that He has overcome the world, so that I may find Peace and that He will NEVER leave or forsake me. I find great comfort in knowing that when I find myself in tears in the middle of a bed that doesn’t belong to me questioning what on Earth I am doing, that His loving arms will find me and comfort me.

Between Saturday and today I have found myself hitting wall after wall when I try to accomplish things that need to get done for hosting our first missions team this summer, however I am not going to let that get me down! I am so excited for this team, I did a little bit of research this morning, this team is in for a treat there are from a town where the population was less than 600 in 2009, the percentage of races other than white is 2.5% combined, I am so excited to see how this team reacts to first stepping off their bus in East Baltimore, to what their reaction is when they get on the bus to leave in a week. I am anxious to watch God take away the fears they may have, to grow them and stretch them in ways they’ve never imagined, I am excited to watch them get scared and comfortable all at the same time, I am excited to see how they react to murder walks, homeless people, drug users and everything else they are going to experience while they are here.

So during this week while I continue to follow my heart and work to get acclimated to my new neighborhood, new home, new ministry and basically new life, while I continue to get stretched beyond my wildest dreams and God continues to work in my heart in remarkable ways I will continue to run into His loving arms, continue to seek His face and continue to pray for ways to become more like Him.

Would you join me in a few prayer requests this week?

-For rest and renewed strength this week as I prepare for a big week of ministry next week.
-For safe travels for the missions team that will be driving here from Indiana on Saturday, it’s approximately at 10-12 hour drive.
-Also for the team to grow in Christ and each other while they are here, and that as a team we will all walk in the steps that God has ordered for us over the next week and that we will have complete grace with each other.

Thanks friends!

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  1. >Hi Colleen,

    We are also excited to be coming to East Baltimore! Our middle name is "flexible" so don't stress to much in your preparations for us. We are praying for you and are looking forward to doing amazing things for God next week!


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