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Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at the table working on a talk for some teen girls, and all of a sudden I heard one of my favorite little voices, Ms. Colleen, Ms. Colleen, I learned how to spell a word, you’re going to be so happy when you hear it, and then the letters F-A-I-T-H, came out of this little six year old mouth followed by, “Remember last week when you told me what the word faith means? Well I remember what it means and now I know how to spell it.” There’s an amazing back story to all of this, last week I pulled out the sidewalk chalk, bubbles, hula hoops, you know all the fun stuff that goes along with spring, and we were sitting outside, some of the kids were asking how to spell words, and what some of my favorite words were I was telling them some of my favorite words, hope, love, faith, beauty, Jesus, and when I got the word faith one of the little boys said Ms. Colleen what’s faith, I panicked in my mind because how in the world can I explain, faith to a six year old boy who has the attention span of a fly (i know i know, but it’s TRUE!).

I don’t think it’s ironic that we’ve been studying from 1 Peter 1 at Captivate Church, and well faith, hope, love all part of 1 Peter, so I said, well faith is… when you put your trust in something, like Jesus, this was followed by, “How do you know Jesus is real?” Again, panic overwhelmed me, why? I love talking about Jesus, but again how do I explain my faith in Jesus to a six year old, who at this point is throwing chalk into the street. So I called him over, and I said well I know Jesus is real, because he changed my life, because He saved me and because I am here with you because of Jesus. And of course this was followed by, “Do I need to be saved by Jesus?”

By this point he has taken off running and playing, and I didn’t get  chance to finish this conversation with him, but several times throughout the past week he’s asked me to spell words for him, one of them consistently has been faith, so after he spells F-A-I-T-H for me he proceeds to tell me that he remembers what I said faith meant, and it meant when we trust in something and he said, “You know Ms. Colleen like you trust in Jesus, I have faith in you Ms. Colleen, you’re different than Jesus though right?” I looked up at this child and I thought to myself, wow I am your example of Jesus here, I am NOT Jesus (nor would I EVER want to be) but one of the only examples of Jesus you have in your life is me… I immediately began to pray, that I would be a good example of Jesus, that I would do my best not to let this child or any of the other children in my life down, and that I would be used daily to be a good example of Jesus in their lives.

Last night as I was going to bed, I was thinking again about that whole conversation, and who knew that spelling the word faith for this little boy would lead him to actually learning how to spell the word himself, remembering the definition and then coming back to me to remind me of FAITH and Jesus! I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and feet in my community, to these kids, to their parents and more importantly that I get to speak words into their little lives and hearts, that at the time might not mean much but a week later can change perspective…. my prayer today is that these kids really do understand the meaning of FAITH, HOPE, LOVE, JESUS and BEAUTY in their lives, and the world around them, I pray that they will put their faith and trust in Jesus and that the seeds we are planting in them weekly and daily, will eventually grow these beautiful children into Christ followers and beautiful servants for Him.

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