Dreams really do come true

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So for those of you who know me personally and have spent anytime with me know that I am a dreamer! That’s putting it mildly, I dream about changing the world, I dream about where I will be five years from now, I dream about tomorrow! My dreams are huge and sometimes they have to be roped in!

One thing I have dreamed of since beginning my journey in ministry is living within the community I am serving, I dream of being a light of hope, a home of hope in a dark place, I’ve dreamed of being able to get to know the families invite them over for dinner, host bible studies in my living room… for the past few years I’ve felt that longing to be in the midst of things, but it never seemed like the right time, I prayed and prayed for this opportunity! I’ve said it before patience is not my strong point!

So friends GUESS WHAT?! I’m MOVING!!!!! In a few short (long) months I will be moving into a community in East Baltimore. I spent the month of April praying over two beautiful opportunities God laid before me, the more I prayed, the more God revealed to me that it was time for me to move, time for me to submerge myself in a community, time for me to follow the dreams that God has placed in my heart and mind. It was time to put aside any doubts I had about moving into the “hood,” and just do it. So not only will I be building a ministry from the ground up (I promise to write more about this soon!), but I will also be living with the people I am working with! I am so anxious to get started!

So yes those “rumors” you’ve heard about me moving are true, so prepare yourself friends there will be moving parties (I’m probably going to be moving in stages), painting/cleaning parties and then once I’m settled game night parties!

I have a few prayers if you wouldn’t mind joining me in praying:

  • First of all I am praising God, this is a dream come true for me, since beginning my ministry journey, I have prayed and dreamed about living in a home and creating a house of hope in the middle of darkness!
  • However with all that come a little bit of fear, so I pray for protection, peace and the ability to be a light!
  • I am also praying for finances, I am still support funded and not quite to my financial goal…however in the month of April I learned to be faithful with little and God provided in HUGE ways for me!
  • Also over the next month I have to find someone to take over my lease on my current house so that I don’t have to pay rent through the summer since I won’t be living at my current house.
  • Faith knowing that God is going to provide for my every need, I honestly don’t have many personal things, no furniture, dishes etc. because I have always lived in furnished home or with roommates, so the hunt begins for silly things like furniture, dishes, pots and pans etc.!
  • Finally that God will shine through me in everything I do and that my plans will not be my own.

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