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I’m linking up with Alyssa over at Rags to Stitches today, for her weekly Coffee Date, I haven’t been feeling well this week, so more than likely if you were coming over for coffee, we’d be drinking hot tea today! But I would want to share with you the joy that’s been in my heart for the past week despite not feeling well. First I would tell you about my friends from Wisconsin who came to visit last week and my friends from North Carolina who came to visit this week, it is no secret that one of the best parts of my job is sharing my heart for my community, and the gift God has given me in ministry. That is exactly what has happened the past two weeks, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to turn others loose in my world, to learn and to love. I’ve been able to watch connections be made with families, kids and homeless people I love, I’ve been able to watch bedrooms of two of my kids be transformed into brand new places for them to lie their heads at night! I’ve been able to watch 100 pink bags be filled for street girls, I’ve watched a 100 care packages be filled for homeless friends and I watched 30+ kids hear about Jesus and have a blast at Kids Camp!

I would share with you about how through door hangers inviting kids to Spring Break Fun and Games camp hosted at the church, I was able to connect with 10 new families, and how I’ve actually had follow-up with three of the parents and how 5 of the kids returned this week for Kids Club. One of the best parts of my job is making that initial connection with a new family! I would also share with you about a mom who just came home from jail and who I’ve been able to connect with and find so much joy watching her run not walk towards her goals of getting her GED and going to college, I’ve been able to pray with her and spend quality time with her, learning about her story, where she’s been, where she’s at and where she wants to go.

I would share with you about how on Easter Sunday, as I was leaving for church it was confirmed that my kids are really hearing and retaining the Gospel, and lessons we teach them, as I heard from across the street, “Hey Ms. Colleen, today would be the white egg (in reference to our Resurection Easter Egg lesson), this would be the day that Jesus rose from the tomb, the white egg remains empty.” I would share with you that it’s moments like these that I feel like God is reminding me of how valuable the gifts He’s given me is!

I would share with you that last week I had the opportunity to bless someone with a gift of a sleeping bag, a woman who lives in my neighborhood and her elderly mother, I would tell you that she wrote me a thank you letter in Spanish, and then a few days later I found her praying for me on my front porch in Spanish. She’s inspired me to reaquaint myself with Spanish…and I have a desire in my heart to pursue her, to begin a relationship with her and to share Jesus with her.

Finally I would share with you how excited I am for our Kids Club Family Picnic in a few weeks AND how I am beginning to invite neighborhood ladies to my home for coffee and prayer once a week! I am excited for both of these events, because it will give me a chance to connect even more with my families!

My heart is so full of joy, and I am so excited to see how God is going to continue to connect families within our community back to church and with each other! I would end our coffee date by spending some time in prayer with you for my community and YOURS!

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