Blessings from Chicago to PA, even South Carolina

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Each week this summer I have been blessed to have the opportunity to share the ministry God has trusted me with, with people from all over the United States, this week is no different, this week Baltimore has been blessed with a team from Chicago, a team from Pennsylvania and a team from South Carolina. No two weeks this summer has been the same, they’ve all been unique and special in their own way, this week is no different, in fact up until Saturday morning there was an entirely different plan for these teams, we were going to host a Song and Dance camp this week, complete with a talent show, however as I prayed and as God connected the leaders of this team, I felt God was calling us in a bit of a different direction, and so we’ve been doing what I am calling a Taste of Camp, we’ve pulled a lesson from each of the few weeks of camp and we’ve reviewed them for kids who’ve been here all summer and introduced them to those who haven’t, tomorrow we’ll surprise the kids with an ice cream and pizza party to end the summer!

Each week comes packed with uniqueness and surprises, this week we’ve attended street church with our friends at Old Town Mall, we’ve hosted kids camp, prayed at murder sites in the neighborhood, visited our friends in homeless park, hosted a movie night for our neighbors and worked on several different projects around the church. By the time this groups leaves we will have freshly painted bathrooms, kitchen and multi-purpose room, we’re also getting ready to paint an awesome mural in the back of the building as we convert that into a play area for our young neighbors.

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