A month of F-U-N!

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The girls who joined us for a night of fun at Mattthew West and Mandisa!

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sitting down to write a blog and all of the words were jumbled inside of my head, there’s been so much going on in my life, heart and ministry that I don’t even know where to begin. But what I can tell you is that I am truly blessed and humbled on a daily basis. Over the past couple of months I have seen God work within my heart, personally and ministry related, work within my ministry and inside the hearts and lives of my kids and the girls I encounter on the streets. I am so excited about the path God is laying out for the ministry He has called me too, and I am trying my hardest not to take any of it for granted!

Since this blog entry is long overdue, I will share some of the highlights of the past month with you! One of the major highlights of the month included a field trip for our kids, one of my most favorite things is getting to watch the kids experience things for the first time. I love seeing their eyes light up, so the first weekend in December we loaded 14 kids and 6 adults into a few cars and off we went, we started w/Pizza at Cici’s imagine the look on the workers faces when they open the door to 14 hungry kids… however the manager was AWESOME and even sent some pizzas to our table so the kids could eat right away. One of our volunteers brought his sister along for the fun, and she spoiled the kids in the game room, it’s moments like that when I get to stand back and watch the kids forget about life for a few moments that it just brings tears to my eyes and makes me love them so much more. Finally we all packed back into our cars and off we went to the Wise Ave. Volunteer Fire Station for their annual Christmas Train Garden it was amazing and watching the kids stop and look with delight and wonder in their eyes was worth every moment it took to get there! In fact it was well worth the $1 a piece we paid to get in, because we must have traveled around that train garden 4 times, taking in every detail, looking at every piece of Baltimore (including a car crash!) that was featured in the garden, in fact a few of the boys are still talking about it!

Another highlight of this month, was making the Captivate Church Christmas ornament, that we will give to our guest on Christmas eve and send to our partner churches. Let’s be honest here I was a little worried about how this was going to go over, because our kids have a lot of energy and don’t always want to stay in one place for long, but it was amazing! We made 120 ornaments in 1.5 hours, and each of the kids made several. I want to tell you all about them, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise! But the Christmas story from Luke will be shared in a unique was this year 120 times, and each ornament was made with love, by one our kids and each volunteer made a couple too. I am so excited to be able to give them to our friends!

It’s been a busy month around here… two Sundays ago, we were blessed with 8 tickets to the Heart of Christmas Concert featuring Mandisa & Matthew West, it was for us to treat some of our girls to a night out, so we grabbed a quick dinner and off we went. This was another one of those things where you just aren’t sure how they are going react. The girls were so excited, they really got into the concert, and the next day were still talking about it. For all but one of them it was their first concert, how cool that there first every live music experience was a Christian concert?!  This was another one of those moment while I was in it I couldn’t help but think about how blessed I am to be able to share my life with such amazing kids!

Finally our month is going to finish strong this week! We have 2 missions teams visiting with us, one from First Baptist Church Concord in Knoxville, TN, the other is Sherwood Baptist Church from Albany Georgia! They arrived last Friday evening and will be with us until very early Thursday morning. We’ve already had a blast, shopping for a large event we’re doing at our Partner elementary school, hosting a Volunteer Christmas party, hosting a service at Pickers Gill a local retirement community, and then yesterday loving the kids! We have several other fun event planned, a large Christmas event at our school William Paca Elementary, taking some of the Kids Club kids to see the lights in Hampden, Hosting a Christmas party for the kids tomorrow night and getting prepared for our Christmas Eve family service. I have been so blessed by their help wrapping 300+ Christmas gifts, hosting a fun afternoon with our kids…and telling nearly 1000 people about Captivate East Baltimore! Having this team here kind of makes me long for summer, and summer camps and missions teams!

I didn’t even have a chance to tell you about the 2 prostitutes that have accepted Christ and entered Detox Programs! The John who called me one day out of the blue and shared his testimony with me, he’s 25 years old used to creep the streets and buy girls, spending close to $500 per night, and he was delivered from his sin and now is planning to support Pretty in Pink, or the awesome blessing we received in toys to share the Christmas Love…or how we hosted Help Portrait a few weeks ago, and got to meet lots of new neighbors who I will now call friends!

Will you join me in prayer today for the upcoming weekend, that our friends would not get lost in the commercialism of what Christmas has become, that they would fill our sanctuary on Christmas Eve to hear the truth about Christmas?

Will you pray for the kids as we share the Christmas story with them this week, that they would begin to ask questions? They understand the true meaning of Christmas?

Will you pray for my new friends who’ve accepted Christ and are going through Rehab, that when they are done with Rehab, they will not turn back to the streets, and that their will be reconciliation among their families during this time?

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